Writers Welcome

“Dear March—Come in…”

The email lets me know that sign-up for the March #SOL2021 Challenge is coming. Gosh, it’s going to be January 29th, the day to commit, before I know it. That’s one thing teaching does—hastens time. Look, there goes winter…

This will be my third year participating, and I am nervous about posting every day. During March 2018 and 2019 I wasn’t working, not each day anyway, so I had no excuse. Then I realize that when last March ended, I aimed to post every Tuesday. The once-a-week SOL community has its ebbs and flows. I certainly have been part of the ebb since September. Even today, despite knowing that I should be posting something, I almost let it ride. But the specter of March 2021 prodded me to action.

I don’t know why it is, but when I am busiest, I do more, meaning it might be the best thing my writing life ever experienced to take on daily March posts. I guess we will see. (Maybe some of you will see, too.)

If you are thinking of joining this group of writers this March, I can’t recommend the adventure strongly enough. It is a humbling thing to find a topic worth developing and placing in front of the world—each and every day. Here, however, people are kind. It’s a model worth taking into the world, both the doing of something consistently difficult ( hence challenge) and supporting others as they do the same.

Early mornings will bring some tossing and turning, some frustration, some uneven writing, no doubt, but let the March #SOL Challenge enter “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”

7 thoughts on “Writers Welcome”

  1. I received that post, too. My immediate thought was that it is too soon to start thinking about that, but it is not. I know that I have thought of not committing to the daily posts. It will be my 7th year of doing the challenge if I do. I know there are many days of thinking “What will I write about today?” Time does go by quickly and it seems more so with retirement. Although I always have doubts of joining the challenge I end up doing it anyway. After all, it is a challenge that helps me grow as a writer.

    1. Exactly…and I know it is early to think about it. I actually had planned to write about the NY TIMES article covering the phrases that defined 2020. I had so many thought—but I didn’t have the energy. Tuesdays can be their own challenge.

  2. I, too, was surprised that to see the email but agree it is the best idea to do the Slice of Life challenge in March! So happy to see your words

  3. Yes, it seemed early for the email. But, we all know the drummer of time beats fast! This will be my fourth year of participating. I think as I’ve gotten to know other writers, I am looking forward to this year more than the last few. In 2019, I was working. I am at home now. I think I’ll have more time to write a post and comment on others. One of my goals is to comment more on others. Thanks!

    1. I absolutely get some of my best ideas from reading the posts of others—on those days where the well is dry. It is such a wonderful thing that with so many of us involved, there is always someone who impels me to write.

  4. This is the genius of the early email–Stacey plants the seeds that get everyone reflecting on the positives in time to prepare. It really is a commitment, a setting of intention for the writing year ahead.

    1. Absolutely…and I’m so glad you guys are on it! Thanks so much. This has been inspirational for me.

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