Of Like Minds

Above is yesterday’s journal entry as I reflect on my recent completion of Lisa Brennan-Jobs memoir Small Fry. There’s nothing particularly significant about it; I’m sure I’m not the only one who fixates on one small, insignificant moment of a larger story just because a published author has represented a similar experience.

This morning I get an email from my sister. Our communications are spotty since she moved to Acapulco over two years ago—within months of my relocation to the west coast. (So much for my dreams of us spending a lot more time together.) I provide her with a US address, though, so bank statements always precipitate some monthly email back-and-forth. She’s contemplating her derailed summer visit, something that still lives in limbo, but has fingers crossed. She misses her granddaughters so, and is talking about them and her lingering hopes. She writes:”Remember the coffee plant below Fairfax with MJB on a wall, backed in forest green?  Years ago, I told the girls it turned out to be an omen for me…”

I get chills because, even though we live countries apart, we have both thought about that same coffee plant visible from our childhood home perched in the northwest hills in the last 24 hours and for both of us it was an omen of a sort. (We have never discussed this, I swear. I was always a bit embarrassed truthfully.) Yet, here it is, both included in a conversation with her grandchildren and in my daily writing.

When people talk about “signs,” about visiting psychics, about the “other world,” the spiritual one, I balk. What I do know for sure is that we have uncanny connections with those we love right here on earth. That’s heaven for me.

6 thoughts on “Of Like Minds”

  1. That’s crazy how sisters’ minds work like that! You both have the same thoughts even though you are miles apart. I’m glad you connect with your sister often and I hope her trip works out 🙂

  2. You are so right about having connections with those we love especially family. Even though there might be miles physically separating two people their minds seem to be in the same place sharing the same thoughts. I know several people who have had similar experiences. It is a special bond. Glad you and your sister share it and hope you can get to soon.

  3. A fascinating glimpse into life’s many mysteries – how people with a close bond such as you and your sister can have the exact same thoughts at the same time. It makes me think of our writing community here – often the same idea will land on several of us at once. I envision it as a blanket sort of coming down and covering us together, if that makes sense. I often contemplate the timing of things, and how thoughts or objects or messages arrive just when we need some sort of reminder … omens? Perhaps. Symbols, definitely. The coffee plant symbolizes lending a helping hand in time of need. Heaven knows drinking coffee helps brace a person each day! So enjoyed your post.

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