Learn. Learn. Learn.

Ah, sometimes I want to delete ALL my emails, so full of chaff is my inbox, but when I see a familiar, personal name in the queue, my heart beats faster—someone real, so I am careful. (I will say I have accidentally deleted over 100 emails at a clip, and rather than regret, I felt liberation.)

Today that bold text announces a friend’s name and I open it eagerly. Sometimes the only text is a web address link from her, sort of like opening a present to find something you didn’t really want but find, because of the giver, you’re responsive anyway. That’s the case today, the blue underlined website, nothing more. But the words intrigue me.

First the address begins with “liberal arts,” enticing words for this English teacher-turned-Jill-of-all-trades; second Oregon State University, and I’m a fan for this higher education institution that has evolved so dramatically from its primarily “cow college” reputation when I was applying as an undergraduate (and my friend has played a role in that as a Board member); third the words “punchcovid19.” I’m hooked.

I’ve enrolled because this challenge is almost over, right? And I am an avowed challenge-addict. Furthermore, when I reach the Canvas course site and read the qualifications of the professors as well as the course overview, that frisson of returning to classes floods my system. I will forever be a student.

Just last Friday my son was saying that he doesn’t understand how people can be bored. “Mom, even with all this time, I don’t have enough for all there is to do.” Then he proceeded to list his various projects.

On the “How to Take This Course” page, this p.s.:

“Over one thousand people around the world are following along with us here on this free Canvas site as well as on our website:  www.punchCOVID19.com.  (Links to an external site.)The group following the website has their own separate discussions, but we will have opportunities to interact as a larger community. For example, we can tweet using #punchCOVID19.  More to come!”

Maybe you’ll join us?

7 thoughts on “Learn. Learn. Learn.”

    1. You’re teaching! You have enough to worry about. I’m making it a blog topic weekly, gonna try that Tuesday thing to keep this momentum going, so anything great I’ll pass along. Hang in there.

      1. I’m not teaching yet! we are getting an email today and a staff meeting tomorrow. I don’t expect anything will be up and running until Wednesday.

      2. Doesn’t matter…it’s in the works, so you’re already working in my mind.

  1. We are all looking for ways to cope and we don’t have the tools to do it. Looks like this will offer practical solutions plus offer people a chance to connect and discuss with others.

  2. Yes, I’m a perennial student too, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the course, hoping to drop by and read your updates on Tuesdays, but I failed dismally last year. I do think there is so much to learn out there. I have dozens of webinars lined up to watch right now. Do I really need any of them to keep the school going? Probably not, but I can’t resist the possibility of another aha moment!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I’m afraid I might miss something awesome! Also I really am committing to the Tuesday routine. I know I, too, “failed dismally” in the past, but there is always hope. The good news is it’s Poetry Month, and that will help. Maybe I’ll extend it and make 2020 the Year of Poetry. I know you’re a fan, too, so… See you on Tuesdays.🤞🤞🤞

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