Trappings of Time

Red Shoes. People laugh when I tell them that I wore red shoes to my wedding. They weren’t hidden either. My from-India, 100% cotton skirt and top in spanking white, eyelet inset, sat atop legs browned by the Miami sun. Oh, how I loved those shoes!

They were peep-toed and strappy, with a small but stable heel. I was a hippie-girl, after all, and marriage, the idea and the reality of it, both scared and—if I’m honest— embarrassed me. Marriage, one man for the rest of my life? It didn’t seem likely. I was 33 after all.

I don’t remember buying them, that’s the thing about clothing memory-markers some of the story eludes me, but I can imagine my joy in finding them. I loved how unabashedly red they were, like standing in a field of poppies. I know now, as my husband and I arrive at 35 years together in May, that his absolute acceptance of me, red shoes and all, speaks to how lucky I am.

(Thanks to wordjourneysite)

8 thoughts on “Trappings of Time”

  1. A wedding day is you day to celebrate a new phase of your life with someone you love and loves you in return. Why not wear what you want and what makes you feel special. Congrats on your upcoming 35th. Our 40th is coming up in October.

  2. Wonderful images in your slice. And I love how you also just evoke a different time! Nice to hear the guy could handle the red shoed you!

  3. Oh, I love this! I wore sneakers under my wedding gown. Being ourselves and expressing ourselves is so important to living an authentic life. (Now I wish my sneakers were red!) I love that those red shoes carried you into 35 years of bliss!

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