The Witching Hour

We get an hour longer light at day’s end

today dawn arrives later.

Deeper morning dark is how we pay;

Today is International Women’s Day.

No “realistically viable” women

are running

for President of these United States

“I’m just sorry

little girls will have to wait

four more years.”


She leaves a trail

of deferred “pinky promises”


Here we voted to discontinue

November’s “fall back.”

but our southern neighbors stalled:

Mechanical clocks require

a deadbeat escapement

to maintain the pendulum swing,

a tiny push

over the hump—

the witching hour—

to move the hands forward.


and a bell begins to toll,

takes time.


4 thoughts on “The Witching Hour”

  1. I always have mixed feelings about this day. Although I hate losing a hour of sleep I love thew longer days. I feel I get more accomplished.

  2. It’s very clever how you tie the time change to International Women’s Day to the disappointment of losing another female presidential candidate to how slow change can be.

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