A few thoughts about Two Writing Teachers’ invitation to its followers to write throughout March—all 31 days:

  • Sometimes an invitation to write is enough.  If you are like me, a person who would like to develop the craft of writing more consistently, or one who is leery of her own ability, an opportunity, an open door, a bit of encouragement, may be just what you need to draw you in, to allay your doubts, to move you forward on your path.
  • Sometimes the expectation that you will write is enough.  Knowing that each and every day there is a writing obligation before you can serve as a welcome prod.  The routine of writing becomes addictive.  The first week or more, I went to bed each night contemplating what I’d explore in the next day’s blog.  I’ll admit, I even woke up in the wee hours several times and found my self pre-writing.  This is something that writing teachers will say, and I found it to be true:  Knowing you must write is often what makes you do it!
  • An audience makes a difference, and not just any audience, as I have discovered during #SOL2018.  In John Green’s latest YA novel, Turtles All the Way Down, one of the main teenage characters maintains a blog.  No one knows about it; he writes for himself, selecting powerful quotes for reflection.  Truthfully it’s an aspect of the story I enjoyed most of all, perhaps because I could relate.  Having a blog and having a blog that’s followed are two very different things.  He discovers this when he shares it with his friend Aza.  Once she begins reading it, he feels tentative about the connection the blog establishes between them, but he cares about her and her opinions.  All of a sudden, he is revealing his thoughts and feelings to an audience— it’s risky, scary, and a responsibility.  He wants to be true.  An audience ups the stakes.  Like him, I discovered there weren’t trolls waiting to topple me from the bridge I was building.  Instead there were people (especially the few who kept revisiting) on the other side, waving to me, urging me forward, glad that I’d made it.

Thank you to my audience, to fellow Challenge participants, and to Two Writing Teachers.  I look forward to blogging each Tuesday with all of you.  Now that we’ve built these bridges, let’s keep crossing them.


4 thoughts on “Bridges”

  1. Congratulations on writing for 31 days! It has been a pleasure to learn from you and about you this month. I love how you point out the 3 key elements to welcome someone to write: an invitation, an expectation, and an audience. Keep writing!

    1. I will, and I’ll keep my eye on you. You have been, from the start, a voice I could enjoy and anticipate. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations on completing your Slice of Life challenge! It has been fun to get to know you through your posts. I too find it encouraging to share my writing, even with just a few people.

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