Looking for a place to cross,

I pick my path carefully.

Creek wash stones can shift.

I do not want to fall.

I pick my path carefully.

As my sneakered foot strikes stone,

I do not want to fall,

but that captive shell startles me.

My sneakered foot struck stone,

in a concretion from the past

that startles me, I glimpse

time before my time.

A concretion from the past

creek wash stones have shifted,

time before my time,

I’ve found my place to cross.

4 thoughts on “Sediment”

  1. I love the repetition that you used in this poem. You have great nature imagery in your writing. I always feel like I am there with you. I like imaging looking for a place to cross the creek.

    1. Hey, Andrea, good morning (and welcome to BREAK!) This poem pattern is a pantoum; there are some amazing ones out there to use as model for kids. My eighth graders really loved writing them because of the repetition…and no rhyme. Thanks for your kind words.

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