Public Service

Lately I view take-out as a public service. My husband and I have interacted within our much-loved community so little over the last year, and consequently have supported our local businesses infrequently. Now, with vaccinations open to all, and the number of cases declining, we are committed to ordering take-out at least once during a two-week period. We are not yet comfortable with sit-down, I wonder when that will happen truthfully, but pick-up we willingly embrace. (I am aware of the privilege inherent in this as well 😔 .)

Last night my husband went to pick up our order from a recently-opened Greek restaurant, Gyro Guys. After perusing the menu online, we found options for everyone (s0n and daughter in the mix and en route from a long work day). I always complicate things a bit as the sole pescetarian, but no such difficulty this time. The vegetarian special looked amazing: dolmas, baba ganoush, hummus, Greek salad, pita…perfect!

We were beginning our gustatory adventure when my husband commented that the food was a bit expensive. The four different selections were arrayed on the table in all their splendor: schawarmas, gyros, salads. I looked at him and he demurred, “Just an observation.”

He followed that with, “Well, I did give a really healthy tip, so…” He explained how the young man at the counter had been so pleasant, asking about how his day went and welcoming my husband as a new customer. “I think it’s a family operation. He was so polite and …” He needed to say no more. We are suckers for people who do whatever they do with pride and a measure of happy thrown in. (I have written about the service differential before; it means a lot!)

I smiled, nodded and said, “Whatever you gave him, he earned it. And the food is delicious, too!”