Moving Forward

It’s a strange thing—to be asked to write an article for an event you have yet to attend, but that is what happened yesterday. Our professional organization’s newsletter, OCTE Chalkboard, has a deadline in advance of the NCTE Convention which begins on Thursday.

I am one of the few people who will be attending. OCTE does not fund teachers for the convention, hoping that districts will step up for those who seize this most inspiring learning opportunity. My former employer in New Jersey was amazingly supportive. I still marvel at my good fortune. She used to tell me that seeing my enthusiasm and the way new insight played out in the classroom was worth every penny. “We want to put lifelong learners in front of our students.”

Based on experience, I have written the blurb that follows:

Perusing the program for this year’s NCTE Convention, “Sueños Pursuing the Light,” an in-person event after two years in an exclusively virtual environment, is akin to receiving that holiday catalogue full of those tempting items that shout, “Celebrate!”

The welcome from program chair María Fránquiz stated, “…we can share the ways our individual and collective pursuit of light…continues to assist us in imagining a new story…new dreams—for ourselves, our students, and our communities.”

Anaheim buzzed with energy from Thursday, November 17th through the special workshop opportunities on Tuesday, November 22nd. From the very first sessions, themes emerged. NCTE manifested its commitment to expanding the range of voices, the breadth of ideas, and the hope of a more equitable and just world through presentations from dedicated, engaged, and highly skilled professionals.

“Oh, to be cloned!” That thought crossed attendees’ minds as the array of learning opportunities made selecting one nearly impossible. Many colleagues who attended together separated to attend concurrent sessions in order to bring even more resources back to their classrooms.

The NCTE Convention proved, once again that working together fosters growing together—and shined a beacon for all to follow.

(While I have no crystal ball, I do have a history of inspiration with NCTE. May all my dreams come true!)

9 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. I love the way you time traveled so beautifully to read us the pages of the future between our tomorrows and the next days. I’ll be at NCTE, too, presenting with Ethicalela writers on Friday morning at 9:30. I hope to see you at the Slice of Life meetup!

    1. I have to attend the affiliates meeting during your presentation, but I hope to see you at the Slicers get-together.

  2. NCTE is energizing, no two ways about that. I know that I always came away with something I could and would implement in my classroom. I always felt I could adapt what I learned to fit my students’ need. Enjoy the conference.

  3. Sadly, I have yet to attend in person, and I can’t this year. However, I am excited NCTE is offering a virtual version again this year. I am excited to be a distant part of the celebration.

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