Too Many Choices

“I need to take more photos,” I think, as I procrastinate writing his very blog post by searching through Google’s photo storage to find the perfect replacement header image. It is a mixed blessing to live with an amazing photographer who has chronicled the big moments in our life through images captured, and rendered the small ones significant—because he sees.

My parents weren’t photo-takers, and granted, the times were very different. The only experience around photography I recall is the Christmas that my dad bought a Polaroid camera, the eponymous Polaroid Land camera, and snapped away, eventually relinquishing it to my older siblings, and then to some closet shelf. Dad was a gadget guy, but his interest in photography, existed in the ideal rather than the real. I am a lot like my father.

When I married an avid photographer, I struggled a bit. My siblings balked at his persistence, his arranging tableaus to freeze our infrequent get-togethers. Then, when they’d see the results, they’d ooh and ahh. I, too, was churlish at first, but inevitably the joy of reflecting on moments that otherwise might have vanished, places we’d been, people we’d seen, eventually won me over. All those stories.

However, there is a downside to having endless options. We have a “gallery” wall in our living room that we purposefully had my brother design. It’s a space for display with lights that shine upon…nothing…yet.

That’s not totally true. We did make an array of wedding photos and mounted them a year after the wedding. That decision was tough enough. But now, moving forward, the selection of which photos to blow up—not inexpensive—and feature is daunting. Were it up to me, I’d pick any of them (all amazing in my view), but my husband is an artist, and he is the arbiter of excellence, his own worst critic.

So for now, we wait. I read an interesting article: a person dealing with our dilemma suggested that we select photos that we like, blow them up to 8 x 10’s, tape them to the wall, and leave them there. He wisely opined that the ones we didn’t get sick of after six months or so, were the ones to choose.

I can tell you that we made a great choice with the wedding array. Even though when my son saw it, he reacted with this: “It looks a bit shrine-y” and grinned. Still, each one of those pictures brings me great joy.

I’m willing to wait.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Choices”

  1. The photos are beautiful and I smiled reading your son’s comment 🙂 I love photography, must have got it from my father who was an avid photographer.

  2. Your husband may be a visual artist but your word choice here proves you are a verbal one: eponymous, churlish, arbiter of excellence…..

    1. Hmmm never thought of it like that. You know, words are the way I store pictures. Thanks, Adrienne.

  3. I enjoyed this slice, I love your display of photos and words. I learned a couple of verbs here too: balked and opined. I understand how the choice of photos need to be right as they’ll be up for a long time.

  4. I guess being an artist and having an artistic eye can make decision making difficult. You want the perfect picture that captures the essence of what you are going for. Me, I don’t have that problem. Any picture, that I am not in, looks good to me and can be displayed. A shrine? Maybe. Precious memories? definitely.

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