The Best Thing

The best thing I saw yesterday on a classroom wall

“What’s the best thing to happen to you today?” Austin Kleon poses this as an alternative invitation to the customary, “What happened yesterday?” and contends that our minds naturally go to the negative. But, by simply altering the expectation, we search for the good. (He rightly acknowledges that sometimes he’s got nothing—no toxic positivity spread by him!)

I begin my days early, and today is no exception. I have to deny requests to substitute on this, the last day of school, because of a scheduled dental appointment. That process starts at 5:30 a.m. Before me lies the prospect of writing this Tuesday post, I have yet to break my commitment made in March at the end of the Challenge, making reservations for NCTE’s Homecoming event, the first in person for affiliates, and dealing with a bill I received yesterday for an eye appointment test that should’ve (at least I think) been paid.

Already a “best thing” has happened: two phone employees made my day!

First I struggled with the hotel reservation for my conference. A glitch—maybe on me—wouldn’t allow me to add my state to the registration. I tried several approaches to get the green, instead of the red, “error” box, to no avail. I called the reservation contact number and met Stephanie who calmly responded, “I can help you with that.” And she did!

Next I contacted my insurance company and worked with Jamie. It wasn’t easy to sort through the problem, but step-by-step we did, and it involved a bit of collaboration and patience. When it came to the survey, something I usually complete when it involves positive personnel feedback, I gave her highest ratings and commented, “If cloning were possible, I’d recommend Jamie as a candidate.”

I have written much about gratitude toward dedicated workers who can change my mood in a heartbeat and restore eroded faith. They can also make my day—and finding the “best thing” easy to do—even at 7 a.m.

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing”

  1. I like the idea of focusing on the positive. So often we get bogged down by all sorts of negativity that we forget that good things happen to us as well. I am sure our whole outlook on life would change if we focused on good and positive rather than bad and negative.

  2. Yes, and I think this has real potential as a writing start for kids, redirecting them to “positive recollection” if at all positive. I’m definitely going to use this a lot! Thanks for reading.

  3. How wonderful that you had two helpful individuals prior to 7 am. What a great way to start the day!

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