Going with the Flow

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Wild Thing in-house; Floating Yoga going with the flow

I wouldn’t have made it through the pandemic as well as I did—and of course, others might question my assessment—if I hadn’t have had my yoga companions, namely Helen and her teacher-trainee-turned-teacher, Sam. These two women, like many others, made lemonade from lemons every time they practiced; they made my practice perfect.

When I returned to Oregon, and the nearer I drew to my 70th birthday, the more entrenched became my resolution to travel over the mountains to Bend to celebrate. I intended to take a class in person from Helen at the Wild Thing yoga studio there. I was gearing up to actually meet my YouTube guru!

Then the pandemic continued and my yoga remained virtual—no complaints. I’m grateful; this is a gratitude post. Helen and Sam step onto their mats, alone or together, and brighten my days. They offer the opportunity to challenge, the option to restore, the generous invitation to breathe and be.

Their classes run the gamut, for free, and because they upload new videos frequently—and each one reprises what’s good while adding new elements—I am never disappointed. Yesterday I took an intermediate “Ladder Flow” class, one I missed while on vacation, that left me breathless (in the best way) and smiling. (Helen’s right; a smile does make the difficult easier.)

With luck, I’ll have a 71st birthday and that trip to Bend, but until then: a heartfelt Namaste to them.

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2 thoughts on “Going with the Flow”

  1. You set a shining example to me. I hope to continue a regular yoga practice when I am seventy. Sending all my good wishes to you so you can take the trip to Bend.

    1. Thanks so much! I once told my students I’d break the Guinness World Record for oldest active yoga practitioner. I told them to keep an eye out. Yoga, like swimming, is a lifetime endeavor.

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