Difficult Decisions

“Our” hotel, Casa Natalia, San José del Cabo

“Adios” rolls off the tongue—it’s literal translation “to God” obscured by frequent usage. Today we are headed home from a brief, but wonderful, vacation. I have written about this postponed visit before. I realize the luxury, the privilege I enjoy, and too often take for granted.

I truly had decided to avoid airplane travel unless it was absolutely necessary (and what would qualify is a question I consider), something the pandemic taught me I could mindfully do without. As soon as flying flew off the table as an option, I didn’t miss it. Environmental concern trumps almost all these days, as I was explaining to my son. So this trip compromised a principle I’d embraced.

What it also did is remind me that I can rationalize with the best of them—not a skill I’m proud of. The wedding was the “necessary” travel excuse that set this trip in motion, that and losing the money I’d paid, non-refundable, for a hotel.

Another way I salve my conscience is to say that here, 75% of the economy depends on tourism, and my husband and I are as generous as we can be with those who accommodate us. Nonetheless—rationalization 101. No way around it: we add stress to resources such as water, so I am caught in weighing my footprint one way or another.

I will say, “ Qué vayas bien,” when I leave this little piece of paradise and hope that my being here has been more a blessing than a curse, God willing.

3 thoughts on “Difficult Decisions”

  1. I think there is a weighing of options in many decisions we make and we choose what is best at the time. As you say, leaving a place knowing you have helped someone in some way means the choice was the correct one to make.

  2. I appreciate your candor and conscience. I’ll admit that I’m ready to rationalize alongside you. I hope, in spite of all your concerns, that you were able to enjoy the gift of the occasion as fully as possible.

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