The light

alerts me:

strange shadows

skitter across my pages.

“It’s a fire”

cries from outside.

There the shadow play

turns ominous.

Sooty clouds obscure

the sun’s face,

pass, are replaced.

Flames lick the blue

belly of the sky.

A homebody, walls and roof, burns.

Sirens screech red,

fill our street.

I stand at the edge

spectator of disaster.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. I don’t know that there is anything more frightening than a fire in the neighborhood. When we lived in Pottsville there was one three houses up the street from us. The whole neighborhood was out and worried. Luckily it did not spread. Made fra a long day at school the next day.

  2. The literal is horrific, and the metaphor is as well, for this fire, consuming life and property. So many fires in our lives destroy things silently with just as much trauma – relationships, families, lives. This is deep and thought provoking.

  3. Your poem is so calm in conveying an unfolding drama; extraordinarily matter-of-fact. Each detail revealed in turn without haste, only increasing clarity.
    “Flames lick the blue

    belly of the sky.”
    These lines struck me with the certainty of fire. This is a remarkable poem!

  4. That last line was striking. Thanks for sharing the visual. Hope the flames went out, but continue to ignite more poetry!

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