The Golden Shovel

Many Slicers have used this poetic form, and I thank them all. I will give it a shot, dubious as I am, fully aware that I am not following the rules perfectly even as I do so. (We’re so near the end of the Challenge, and I commit to one-poem-per!)

The quote comes from “Close”by David Whyte, a stunning poem I discovered through Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings, a treasure trove of inspiration.

“Close/is what we almost always are: … close to giving the whole thing up.”

Fear lies in being close.

I know what that feeling is,

no matter what

it floods us. We

find ourselves saying “almost”

to avoid saying “always.”

Those forever words, are,

what makes us close…


4 thoughts on “The Golden Shovel”

  1. This is beautiful. To stick with a format and still let the words and sentiment come out so pure and honest. Very, very impressive. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks so much! (I do love the twist at the end with the other/opposite meaning of “close.” Proudest of that moment, gotta say.)

  2. I admire your use of this format which I have long admired. Your topic is one that is both universal and personal as we ALL know and live with fear of what is and what might be..

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