Mayonnaise Memory

Mustard, Queen of Condiments

Can we talk condiments? I’m a fan of mustard, not realizing my tastebud enchantment until I moved to Philadelphia, land of street vendor plump, piping pretzels (at least in 1969). There I discovered the joy of bread, salt, and no-frills mustard, its slender thread winding between salt crystal mountains, the perfect pretzel “yellow river.”

Since then, I’ve explored mustard’s many guises: dijon, spicy brown, honey, whole-grain. Did you know that there is a museum in Wisconsin devoted to mustard that features over 5300 hundred different types? Makes sense I guess with all that cheese it’s famous for.

So a recipe for 5-minute mayonnaise that arrives in my inbox shouldn’t inspire a blog post: I’m a mustard-girl, except…I have mayo-lovers in my family—aficionados who will slather gobs of the stuff on everything. It makes me cringe, but it’s true.

homemade mayo, courtesy of flicker (not mine…yet)

My mom used to make her own, a rich yellow concoction. (She also made sandwiches for our school lunches that featured her homemade bread slathered with Skippy and, yup, mayonnaise!) I’d watch as she settled the triangular-shaped NuTone blender into the inset motor, a part of the kitchen countertop—the very latest invention! She had eggs in there and added oil. That’s what I remember. It turns out that that’s pretty much it.

Currently, our pantry has a back-up bottle and an opened jar at the halfway mark in the fridge. But when they’re gone, I’m taking this recipe out for a spin. (I might even eat some.)

8 thoughts on “Mayonnaise Memory”

  1. I must admit that I am not a condiment fan. Don’t like mustard. Won’t touch mayonnaise (unless it is in a chocolate cake). Ketchup if fine on fries but nowhere else. Didn’t know there was a mustard museum. Kathy, on the other hand, likes mayo on her sandwiches.

  2. I love the way you weave big thoughts around mustard, which originates from a very tiny seed. Proof, indeed, that small seed ideas can have big payoffs!

    I am not a condiment person but do love a little dijon on a sandwich.

  3. I had no idea that a mustard museum existed. It makes me wonder what other unsuspecting museums are lurking in the world . . .

  4. Mustard museums AND 5300 types of mustard? Just the kind of information I love! I am not a huge condiment person and will often eat a sandwich dry, and I’m ALWAYS a hold the mayo person but I am fond of a homemade mayo.

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