Head-to-Toe Happy

Clothes may not truly “make the man” (or the woman), but they can make the mood, much like the “dust of snow” Robert Frost thanks in his poem. Today I’m dressed in happy from head to toe.

Let me start with the toes. My super thin knee-high socks take me to Hawaii. Against a pale yellow background, bright red plumeria bloom and sheath my legs in silky splendor. I remember the day I bought them after a spinning class in T.J.Maxx. Spinning and sox, the perfect Saturday morning.

Not to be outpaced, my shoes are my most comfortable. Those socks slide smoothly into my softest Clarks, chocolate brown, a treat for my feet! I ordered them online—always a gamble—but I hit the jackpot.

My pants, deep brown wide-wale corduroy, are my very faves. They fit but have enough give that, should I want to indulge at any point, they’re willing to accommodate. I bought them at our local consignment shop, “Cheap Thrills,” for six dollars. The size looked right, and I just loved their texture, Gloria Vanderbilt notwithstanding.

As I reached into my drawer to pull out my golden sweater, full cotton, sunflower yellow, the stripes of bees, the daffodils in the breeze—soon I hope—lightly cabled, my heart lifted. Yet another purchase post-spin from Maxx with the Lauren label. (I’m not a snob, but sometimes certain names, tried and true, just work.)

The day has donned, and I am ready to meet it. Happy!

4 thoughts on “Head-to-Toe Happy”

  1. Love how each item of clothing adds more joy. Hope you have a truly joyous day. The detailed description paints a clear picture of your outfit of the day.

    1. Clothes carry so much story for me; they aren’t “just” clothes. (I’ve actually gotten rid of outfits that something horrible happened when I was wearing them.)

  2. I love this line: “Today I’m dressed in happy from head to toe.” It’s so fun to hear the memories carried within each item of clothing. I love your description of your sweater, too: “golden sweater, full cotton, sunflower yellow, the stripes of bees, the daffodils in the breeze”–it conveys such happiness!

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