Choosing Wallpaper

Rehearsal dinner, Sebastopol, California, October 19, 2020….photo by Eric Levine (father of the groom)

Whatever I do, and despite the proliferation of folders that threaten to eclipse the very reason for my choice until Saturday when I file those screen shots away, setting the desktop photo is all important to the way I start each day. How about you?

Currently this is my wallpaper—and why not? It takes me back to the night before my son and daughter-in-law were married. That night, though not the main event, joined a flood of memories that will forever remain unforgettable.

This photo, though, speaks volumes. Just this morning after the kids left for work, I went into their bedroom to check on the dog and cat, to find Alex’s cowboy boots lying side-by-side on the rug. How do some people effortlessly combine styles? When she emerged from the car, boots-on-the-ground first, followed by a silky dress and fluffy sweater, I was smitten—much like my son, I know! And here she is.

That smitten emotion? Look at her nephew, one of the twins, the one that can’t take his eyes off his “meemaw.” While his brother capers for my husband, the photographer, his eyes are 100% focused on his aunt. Eye-play doesn’t stop there. The youngest member of the crew, three-year-old “G,” sends her gaze toward her brothers, always. On their farm in Sebastopol the three embody the musketeers,”All for one and one for all,” especially since the pandemic has kept everyone home.

Love and life, captured in a moment: this is wallpaper I approve wholeheartedly.

4 thoughts on “Choosing Wallpaper”

  1. This is a great photo and a story behind every person in it. Although posed, it doesn’t look posed – just family enjoying being together.

  2. I immediately was drawn to her outfit when I opened your post. Your description was just perfect – and smitten is a great word. It feels like you are developing characters for a short story. I want to know them all. I too change my wallpaper and now my zoom background all the time. It’s a fun way to walk down memory lane. Thank you for sharing

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