Spring Forward

I thought we were moving AWAY from changing our clocks here in Oregon. I thought Oregon, Washington, and California, in a fashion that I’ve come to admire, was going rogue—no clock-changing for us!

Then I see this:

Oh my gosh, there are nine more rows, too! I am confused, so I search a bit further. (The truth is complicated—and, no surprise!) Oregon did sign a bill in the State Senate in 2019 to “lock the clock.” Washington and California voters followed, though California voters are waffling. There’s still wrangling going on and Congress does have the final approval. (I doubt the permanent change to DST in the west is high on their list of priorities right now.)

Good news?! The Bill in the Oregon Legislature has an extended deadline until 2029, eight DST changes away. By then, who knows, maybe I’ll be fully retired and that hour won’t feel so burdensome.

I do love the light that lingers here, at the height of summer, until well past nine p.m. We see the last gasp of the sun as it settles into the Pacific. I’ll take that.

(Don’t forget to “Spring Forward.”)

6 thoughts on “Spring Forward”

  1. I find the time change quite discombobulating every time it happens. It’s kind of fun to find an extra hour in fall, but losing a precious hour in spring isn’t my favorite. Like you, I’m sure this isn’t a priority, but I’d love to see some legislation to end this practice!

    1. This time change actually HELPED me. I’d needed to recalibrate my sleep schedule as my work schedule has changed. I am feeling so terrific today! (Maybe I’ll be singing a different tune tomorrow.)

  2. I liked how you included your reader in your thoughts and confusion about the clock change. It was fun to wonder with you. Your last paragraph on your appreciation of the lingering light is beautiful.

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