…Upon a Star

💖Thanks to Tammy’s Reading/Writing Life 

March has strolled in like a lamb, and I thank my lucky stars. Early morning is my time of day, or as my husband describes it, “latest night. It’s still pitch dark.” My dog needs me to let her out, (probably a lie. She seems to possess “camel bladder”), but I need to look up to start my day.

Oh, these mornings! The dipper tips directly over our house and the moon, though waning, still illuminates the yard in that milky white light. A couple mornings ago it glowed gold to the east in its arcing path to the Pacific.

“A full moon looks full because it’s opposite the sun. Its lighted face is turned entirely in Earth’s direction.” (from EarthSky updates on your Cosmos and World). I wish that description had’ve been mine. I love, “its lighted face…turned entirely in the Earth’s direction.”

It’s that hopeful face, whether in full roundness or in its delicate slice, a crescent, surrounded by diaphanous streaks that lifts my spirits, summons an intake of breath and wishes, because…stars.

Today’s wish is for a dear friend who is having surgery. May the tumor be removable. May the lymph nodes be clear. May all be well for you, someone precious to me. It’s a selfish wish, a heavy burden to send skyward, but in this pitch dark those stars are what I’ve got.

5 thoughts on “…Upon a Star”

  1. Here is best wishes that your wish comes true! I have been doing the same for a family member. Our surgery was good now waiting results of lab tests. Good Luck to you and your dear friend.

    I love the sentence – “ Its lighted face is turned entirely in Earth’s direction.” as well.

  2. Hopping all goes well with your friend and everything turns out well. A quiet night or early morning is a perfect time to send wishes skyward. There are no distractions.

  3. You describe the early morning sky beautifully! The moon welcomes the stars, and the stars welcome wishes… here’s to wishing that yours comes true!

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