The Best for Last

First thing I do, even before coffee, is check the online job postings for substitutes. There are four jobs staring me in the face. I decided last night that I wanted to work, so now to choose: the first is a sixth grade self-contained in a school a 30-minute drive from here, one new to me; the second is a first grade position in a school right up the road; the third, a two-day posting half an hour south teaching Art and ESOL; and the fourth PE/Health 15 minutes inland.

After a minute’s hesitation, I press the “Accept”button for the sixth grade. The circle spins and spins and spins, pale blue flashing hyphens…nothing. So I refresh the page (not the first time the system has balked). In that brief span, all the jobs are gone—except the one I have selected. I hit “Accept” a second time and am rewarded with a confirmation. Last one taken: sixth grade. My first choice—obviously NOT everybody’s.

Wish me luck!

11 thoughts on “The Best for Last”

  1. As I 6th grade teacher, I appreciate your selection because have so much trouble finding substitutes for middle school. Your subbing process is interesting. We have one person who coordinates and calls our subs. Maybe we should try this! 🙂 Hope you had a great day in 6th grade!

    1. The kids were wonderful, and the day flew by. I want to go back there (and the principal said they’d be pleased to have me return….Fingers crossed!)

    1. Probably not, but I am learning so much about school culture the more positions I take around the district. I loved this school, the kids, the staff. Really a wonderful day!

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