It Will Be Enough

5:30 a.m. and the familiar whistle of an incoming text message from my husband’s phone disturbs the morning quiet.  I think, “Nothing good happens this early,” and then I remember that for many people we love, it’s 8:30, and they are into their day.  I check the texts though, to reassure myself.  Sure enough, it’s a message from my sister-in-law letting us know that Passover plans are underway.  Despite her missing us and two other “regulars” at our traditional-but-not-so-much seder, the celebration will  proceed—as it should.  She has just completed six-weeks of bone marrow cell replacement for a pernicious type of cancer that was diagnosed while my husband was en route from Jersey to Oregon.

Her message concludes, “So glad you are so happy on the West Coast.”  This is my not-sister-by-blood-but-by-luck in a nutshell.  Yes, she’ll miss us, but most of all, she wants her brother to be happy and being here is a longstanding dream realized.

Here, we’ve invited friends for dinner.  As the sun sets, we’ll be eating brisket and matzoh brie, enjoying salad and pudding with raspberries, no leavening necessary.  Our family, those who mark the beginning of Passover, will call us to wish us well.  That she is doing better, that her prognosis is good, gives added meaning to “dayenu.”

4 thoughts on “It Will Be Enough”

  1. It sounds like you have great plans for Passover, even though it will not be with family on the East Coast. You are lucky to have a sister-in-law that is so great and supportive. Enjoy your meal tonight!

  2. Your post reveals a little of the meaning of “Jump off find wings.” It’s a blessing to have cell phones to span all those miles. My husband’s parents tell of a great uncle who left Texas for California one day (80 years ago) and was never heard from again.

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